The Immerse Education Essay competition is a challenging contest where participants are required to write a 500-word essay in which they answer a question that is related to a subject that they want to study in the future. Winners can be awarded either a full or partial scholarship for the Immerse Education programme at the Immerse summer school with their world-class tutors at Cambridge or Oxford. Every year, thousands of students attempt to win the unique opportunity of spending 14 days in one of the best universities in the world. There are two groups: 13-15 and 16-18-year-olds students.

今年,我们的一名学生决定抓住机会参加。他今年16岁,完成了 DP方案,并参加了国际关系论文类别,他必须回答以下问题。"联合国仍有意义吗?"。随着截止日期的临近,他写下了对该问题的回答,使用了不同的来源,并认真地引用了这些来源。他后来得知,他采用的格式不正确,需要重新写。尽管如此,他还是振作起来,成功地写出了一篇符合所有标准要求的好文章。此外,他还设法在截止日期前完成了足够的时间来校对和编辑它。