Core values at Merrick Prep


梅里克预科学校 inspires students to reach beyond their grasp. Naturally curious, we engage students to be inquisitive. We instill courage to face adversity, compassion to be globally minded and a sense of responsibility to be community oriented. Actively acquiring excellent academic and English language skills, our graduates are courageous, compassionate, global citizens ready to enter world ranked English-speaking universities.

Our students are always reminded of our three core values and live by them when the graduated from Merrick Prep:

Through challenge, adversity and in overcoming, our students develop self-confidence, resilience and independence; and from this the courage to venture into the unknown.
Through diversity, understanding of difference, humility and empathy, our students develop a deep sense of compassion.
Through shared experience, communal living and service, our students understand the value of intra-dependency and the importance of relationship; resulting in globally and community minded citizens.

Our Director of Admissions, Johanna Ziegler, talks about how the value “community” stands out for her:



Merrick Preparatory School

自2012年开学以来,来自超过26个国家的学生把梅里克预备学校当作自己的家。国际学生来这里是为了在加拿大最安全的社区之一获得集中的学术关注和小班教学。国内学生来这里是为了通过与来自全球各地的学生一起沉浸在真正的国际教育中,拓宽他们的国际理解和视野。 国内和国际学生都从MPS的教育中获得了回报,他们在全球范围内建立了终身的友谊,并获得了进入世界一流大学的机会。