Where Do TASIS Students Go To College?

tasis logoAny student graduating from TASIS has earned, at a minimum, a standard US-accredited High School Diploma and can expect to gain admission to quality universities, particularly in the United States.

Students who are driven to find a home at one of the world’s most selective universities can do so by pursuing an International Baccalaureate Diploma (as 57 of 123 students in the Class of 2016 did) or by taking a number of Advanced Placement courses and scoring highly on the corresponding exams.

Students may further bolster their candidacy by performing well on standardized tests, writing excellent personal statements, securing strong reference letters, and exhibiting an impressive commitment to some combination of the arts, athletics, local and global service, and leadership positions on or off campus.

In short, there are many paths to success at TASIS. Below we examine the roads traveled by a number of recent graduates.

icon-world-schools-42016 Valedictorian Heads to the Ivy League

Paulina Gazin ’16 (Russia/Ukraine/United States) decided to attend the prestigious University of Pennsylvania following an outstanding six years at TASIS that also yielded acceptance letters from Cornell University; Duke University; University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles; University of California, Santa Barbara; and Northeastern University.

Fluent in English and Russian and an advanced Italian student, Paulina earned an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma at TASIS and departed with two of the School’s coveted Graduation Awards: The Valedictorian Scholarship Award and The Cynthia Whisenant Award for Excellence in English. She has yet to decide on a major at Pennsylvania and credits the breadth of her education at TASIS for making the choice more difficult than she thought it would be

Going into high school I was looking forward to taking classes in chemistry, biology, and physics, and I did not expect that I would be interested in pursuing any fields of study in college other than the sciences

said Gazin, who earned an exceptional 40 points on her IB exams and also found time to score a 5 on the AP Microeconomics exam.

Over the past few years, however, I have enjoyed courses such as English Literature and the Theory of Knowledge, and I hope to continue exploring the humanities in addition to the sciences.

Paulina singled out Math teacher Dan Schwartz and Science Department Chair Alexander Ogilvie for helping her succeed in two of her most difficult courses, Higher Level IB Math and Chemistry, while also noting that she will remember English teacher Dr. Chris Love

for consistently challenging me and pushing me to my limits as both a reader of literature and a Nuovo Fiore [Ethiopia Global Service Learning Group] member.

Paulina was a student leader for Nuovo Fiore and called her three service trips to Addis Ababa her most memorable experiences at TASIS. She also captained the Varsity Basketball team, played the piano, was active in the theater program, and was a Student Council representative.

While she is on her way to great things, Paulina knows it won’t be easy to leave TASIS behind.

I will miss the incredibly beautiful campus, the adorable faculty children, and, above all, the friends I have made here,

icon-world-schools-2Stellar Performance on IB Exams Results in a Seat at Cambridge

Former TASIS standout PavelArtemov ’15 (Russia) is now studying Biological Natural Sciences at Corpus Christi College, one of the oldest and most prestigious colleges in the University of Cambridge.

Fluent in Russian, English, and Spanish, Pavel earned an International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma at TASIS, notching a perfect 7 on the Biology HL, Chemistry HL, and English HL exams en route to securing 41 of 45 possible points. (Just six percent of IB Diploma candidates worldwide top the 40 mark each year.)

While at TASIS, Pavel earned the Salutatorian Scholarship Award, the European Council of International Schools Award for International Understanding, and numerous awards for excellence in science, math, English, and service learning. He served as a Dorm Proctor and was a member of the Nuovo Fiore Ethiopia Global Service Learning Group.

Pavel’s challenging high school schedule set him up for success at the next level—

Handling all the extracurriculars with all the rigors of IB subjects definitely taught me how to manage my time and prepared me for the independent style of learning at Cambridge,

he said—and he credits teachers Amy Bloodworth, Dr. Gillian Price, and Alec Ogilvie for pushing him toward science while also noting that Bloodworth and IB Coordinator/UK College Counselor Howard Stickley provided “massive help” in applying to university.

In particular, I received great help from Mr. Stickley in writing the personal statement and would not have gotten into Cambridge without him,

Pavel, who was also admitted to Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Bath, and University of Surrey, made the most of his first year at Cambridge. He was elected an International Students Representative and led a team that won 3rd Prize in a university-wide physiology poster competition by creating a very impressive hypothetical model of a plant with eliminated photorespiration.

Asked to recall what he found most inspiring about his time at TASIS, Pavel responded:

Everything. Absolutely everything. Service Learning trip to Ethiopia, Senior Humanities Program visits, everyday classes…the list goes on. I’ll miss the whole dynamic and atmosphere of the TASIS campus comprised of the school buildings, teachers, students, weather, and the view.

icon-world-schools-4Science Excellence Leads to Offer From Imperial College London

Edoardo Italia ’16 (Italy) applied to six schools—Imperial College London, McGill University, University of Manchester, University of Exeter, University of Birmingham, and Loughborough University—and received offers from all of them. He secured a spot at the world-renowned Imperial College London after posting a 40 on his International Baccalaureate exams.

A native Italian speaker who is also fluent in French, Edoardo chose to complete an International Baccalaureate Diploma in mother-tongue English. He has known since he entered TASIS as a sophomore that he wanted to pursue a degree in the sciences but only recently narrowed his focus to materials science and engineering.

I was not yet sure whether it would be a pure science or an application of it, like engineering,

TASIS has helped me understand that engineering is a favorable choice for me and has allowed me to work toward this choice.

While he has a clear affinity for science and earned the Class of 2016’s Excellence in Science Award, Edoardo credits the depth of the TASIS academic program and the quality of the School’s teachers for turning him into the confident and well-rounded student he is today.

I will remember all my teachers and courses,

Mr. Knee, Mr. Grimm, Mr. Walker, Ms. Venchus, Ms. Putnam, Mr. Shields, Mr. Schwartz, Ms. Cazebonne, Mr. Ogilvie, Ms. Carlson, Mr. Morris, Mr. Jepson, Dr. Mauro, Mr. Fredericksen, Mr. Kirsch, Ms. Gygax, Mr. McKee, Mr. Stickley, Mr. Lim, and Dr. Love have all allowed me to grow, improve, and learn—in particular Dr. Love, who, through his classes, has enabled me to see something in myself that I had not seen before, something for which I will always be grateful and will definitely never forget.

Edoardo also made the most of his time outside the classroom—playing Varsity Volleyball, performing in plays and musicals, making a Global Service trip to Cambodia, founding a Drama Club and a Science Quiz Bowl, and serving as a Dorm Proctor and an ambassador for the TASIS Leadership Academy. Headmaster Lyle Rigg took note of Edoardo’s enthusiasm and well-rounded excellence when he presented him with the coveted Headmaster’s Award, and Edoardo notes that these varied experiences have been every bit as meaningful as his academic accomplishments.

Participating in all the extracurricular activities allowed me to learn more about myself and the world around me,

They have inspired me to dedicate myself to achieving my goals and visualizing the big picture of any situation.

icon-world-schools-4AP Scholar Makes Smooth Transition to USC

Mindy Chen ’15 (United States) has completed an excellent freshman year at the University of Southern California, where she will pursue a degree in International Relations (Global Business) with a minor in Music Industry.

Mindy speaks English, Chinese, and French and took six Advanced Placement courses at TASIS: English Literature and Composition, English Language and Composition, Art History, US History, Calculus, and Statistics. She was granted the College Board’s highest honor—the AP Scholar with Distinction Award—for earning a perfect score of 5 on all but the Statistics exam. Mindy is particularly proud of her performance on the Calculus exam and believes her two years at TASIS helped her become a more balanced student.

Prior to senior year, I had always been under the impression that I was strictly a humanities-oriented individual—English, History, and French came very easily to me, but I always struggled with math,

TASIS showed me that that perception of myself wasn’t necessarily set in stone. Even though AP Calculus was one of the hardest classes (both academically and personally) I took during my TASIS career, I’m so glad I didn’t give up. I learned that, through hard work and perseverance, I can tackle and overcome new challenges.

Mindy is off to a tremendous start at USC. She’s posted a 3.9 GPA, is a member of the Honor Society, and was recognized with an Academic Achievement Award. She credits her teachers at TASIS for helping her develop the tools and mindset she needed to be successful in college.

I’m lucky to say that I got along with all of my teachers,

However, three in particular come to mind: Mr. Dibbert (AP US History), Mr. Matthew (AP English Literature and Composition), and Dr. Abisi (AP English Language and Composition). In addition to being phenomenal and inspirational teachers, all three played substantial roles in my TASIS support system. I knew I could count on them to advise me during whatever struggles I was going through. Their work ethic and passion for their fields leads me to strive to do what I love as a living, whatever that ends up being.

Mindy, who was also accepted at George Washington University and Boston University, is grateful to College Counselors Greg and Carroll Birk for helping her find a perfect fit.

The TASIS College Counseling Office took great care to get to know me on a personal level, not just as another statistic,

I am extremely grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Birk for helping me through the college application process, particularly in helping me realize what I was really looking for in a university. I know I for one was too focused on university rankings; at the end of the day, your experience is what you make of it, so if you embrace the opportunities that come your way, you will be happy regardless of where you end up going.

In addition to excelling academically at TASIS, Mindy was a Dorm Proctor, co-founded and co-directed an A Cappella group with her close friend Marianna Barbieri ’15, received the Ambassador’s Cup for Excellence in US History and the Cynthia Whisenant Award for Excellence in English Literature, and was nominated to speak during the Senior Banquet. She took full advantage of the travel opportunities afforded by a TASIS education and drew a great deal of inspiration from her varied excursions.

I loved the Academic Travel program,

I am a traveler at heart, so being able to explore new destinations while focusing on topics I was actually studying brought life and vigor to the classroom. I fondly and vividly remember all my trips: Hungary with Habitat for Humanity, Berlin for art history, Salzburg for music, and Paris/Normandy for US history.

While Mindy is thrilled to be at USC, she concedes that she does miss the tight-knit TASIS community.

TASIS is very much like an extended family—small enough that you can cultivate and maintain strong personal relationships, but large enough in that you don’t feel confined and restricted,

USC has a huge undergraduate population, so that was initially quite daunting during my first semester. While large student bodies do have their advantages, I do sometimes find myself nostalgic for the friends and memories I made at TASIS.

2015 Valedictorian Seeking Dual Degree at Johns Hopkins

Class of 2015 Valedictorian Anton Alyakin (Russia) is now working on a double major in Computer Engineering and Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University, where he has made the Dean’s List each semester and worked as a summer researcher in the Neuroengineering Lab.

Anton took a combination of AP and IB classes and exams while at TASIS, earning a perfect 5 on AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Photography, and AP Physics and an excellent 6 on IB Math HL, IB Chemistry HL, and IB Biology HL. He was honored at graduation with the Shah Akbar Khan Award for Excellence in Mathematics.

Anton credits all his teachers for pushing him to be his best, but he singled out two in particular who had a profound effect on his academic career.

The first teacher is Mr. [Peter] Locke, with whom I took IB Language and Literature,

I absolutely hate humanities, languages, and anything associated with them. I just feel that the array of skills I possess is not enough to excel at them unless I put a significant effort into it. Yet Mr. Locke’s class was one of the highlights of my last two years. It was the class I always had a pleasure to go to, a class I’ve learned more than in most, and a class in which I was never close to falling asleep in. (Trust me, this is quite an achievement considering how little sleep I usually got during the night.) Moreover, he was a teacher I’d go to in case of emergency because I knew that he cared about his students and would listen to them whenever they needed it.”

The second teacher is Mr. [Dan] Schwartz, who taught two math courses in my senior year (IB Math and AP Stats),

I found him to be a teacher who was one of the most passionate for his subject and the most caring about his students’ success as long as he knew that they cared themselves. His explanations were the definition of teaching ‘not by the book,’ and yet he managed to have ones of the clearest and simplest ways of explaining mathematics and statistics concepts. I would go to his classes even when I was sick and had official permission to miss them. I learned a lot in them, and I’ve used a lot of what I’ve learned during my time in college.

Anton, who played for the Varsity Soccer, Badminton, and Lacrosse teams and was a member of the Yearbook Club, made the most of his time at TASIS and amassed a countless number of indelible memories.

I miss my two closest friends the most,

I miss my Certanago floor, which was in my opinion the most chaotic place on campus, where anything could and did happen. Staying up all night with your neighbor writing Internal Assessments and listening to rap music? Check. Discovering new recipes by mixing Japanese noodles, Russian Tushonka meat, and Italian spices? Check. Fight with a person for ten minutes so loud the whole floor could hear just to come to his room two minutes later asking for a tea bag? Check. Check, check, check. That floor was an unbelievable mix of personalities, which produced an unbelievable amount of stories I can remember, and I miss each and every one of my floormates. I miss my teachers and the rest of the Faculty. I just miss that community—that body of people that surrounded me for the time I was at TASIS. Many of us have ended up in a different city, country, or continent, but I feel that this doesn’t even matter because right now we are scattered around the globe unified by the single fact that we were there, at TASIS, at the same time of our lives.

icon-world-schools-4Service Leader a Perfect Fit for Duke

Carmen Alban ’16 (United States) is headed to Duke University after selecting the academic and research powerhouse over Northwestern University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Texas at Austin, University of Southern California, Vanderbilt University, University of Virginia, and Southern Methodist University.

Carmen excelled both in and out of the classroom at TASIS, achieving 41 points on her International Baccalaureate exams while also captaining the Varsity Volleyball and Varsity Tennis team, serving as a Dorm Proctor and a student leader of the WISER Global Service Learning Group, and making a strong contribution to the theater program.

With a number of academic strengths and interests, Carmen plans to pursue a Liberal Arts degree at Duke. She cites TASIS teachers from three different disciplines—Economics (Steve Moon), English (Peter Locke), and Science (Amy Bloodworth)—as major influences.

They are all so excited about teaching and love what they do,

It’s contagious. I look forward to their classes and feel that I’m truly learning something, not just memorizing facts for an exam.

At the 2016 Commencement Ceremony, Carmen received both the Excellence in History Award and the Jan Opsahl Service Award, and her devotion to serving others played a major role in her decision to attend Duke.

My service trip to Kenya changed my outlook on many things,

I have become so passionate about the school WISER that I plan on continuing to work with it during my years at Duke, which also has a service program that helps this same school in Muhuru Bay.

Anyone who studies or works at The American School in Switzerland falls in love with the beauty of the campus and surrounding area, but Carmen reminds us it’s the TASIS community that leaves an indelible mark.

I will miss the people the most,

Not only have my friends become a huge part of my life, but also the teachers and dorm parents. I have found a second family here and will be sad to leave.

Future Neuroscientist Ready for Top Liberal Arts School

Marianne Tissot ’16 (France/Puerto Rico) intends to major in Neuroscience at Bowdoin College, selecting the distinguished liberal arts school over Cornell University, Barnard College, New York University, Boston University, and Northeastern University.

Fluent in Spanish, French, and English, Marianne earned a 5 on the AP French, AP Spanish, and AP Spanish Literature exams and a 4 on the AP Psychology and AP US History exams even before she started a busy senior year that saw her excel in four more Advanced Placement classes: Calculus (scored a 5), English Literature and Composition (5), Art History (4), and Biology (3).

Marianne is grateful to both her teachers and the College Counseling Department for their help in shaping her college plans.

I had the privilege of having wonderful teachers this year, including Mr. Matthew [English Department Chair], who, in addition to preparing me for the endless essays I will have to write next year, assisted me with my university process and always helped me in any way he could,

And Mr. Birk [Director of College Counseling] was supportive throughout the entire process and guided me towards picking the school that would be the best fit for me.

Outside the classroom, Marianne sang with the A Capella Club, was a member of the Service Learning Board, and traveled to Morocco with the Mission Morocco Service Learning Group, calling the experience a unique and extraordinary opportunity.
Marianne is excited to move on to Bowdoin but understands she was part of something special at TASIS.

I will probably never again be in a setting surrounded by so many people from different countries and cultures,

TASIS forms an incredibly wonderful international family. All the incredible individuals I have had the pleasure of spending time with have each helped me grow and have shared this unique and precious experience by my side.

icon-world-schools-2Science Star Pursuing Medicine Degree in the UK

After also receiving offers from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Bristol, FiryuzaYunosova ’15 (Russia) opted to study Medicine at Hull York Medical School, which admits just 140 students each year.

Firyuza has a facility with language—she speaks Russian, English, Tatar, and some Italian—and excelled in the sciences at TASIS, posting the top score of 7 on both the higher-level Biology and higher-level Chemistry exams en route to an International Baccalaureate Diploma (39 total points) and the School’s Science Award her senior year. She also played Varsity Basketball, sang for the choir, and acted in musicals.

Firyuza believes her busy schedule and the intense academic regimen at TASIS prepared her well for HYMS, where she has already been elected President of the Society of Paediatrics. She was also selected to work with a professor and a Ph.D. candidate on a summer vocational research project entitled

Cancer tissue neutrophil proteases and role in thrombosis,

and the understanding of mechanisms studied in their experiments could prove to be very useful for some cancer patients who are at risk of thrombosis.

Most inspired by

all those things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do—like studying hard subjects or going on the Nepal Service Learning trip,

Firyuza singled out a few TASIS teachers she leaned on when the going got tough.

Dr. Price [science] always believed in me,

Her support coincided with not the easiest time for me, so it meant a lot to have a teacher behind me. Mr. Morris [music] influenced me as well because he showed me what it is to stand tall in a way, and that was very new to me.

icon-world-schools-2AP Standout Lands a Spot at UCLA

Only a spot on the waitlist at the University of California, Berkeley, prevented Jonathan Xie ’16 (United States) from going a perfect 10-10 on his applications. Following three excellent years at TASIS, the trilingual scholar has decided to study Political Science or Economics at the excellent University of California, Los Angeles, after also gaining admission to University College London; London School of Economics; King’s College London; McGill University; University of California, San Diego; Durham University; Queen Mary University of London; and Northeastern University.

Jonathan closed out his outstanding career at TASIS by receiving both The Ambassador’s Cup for Excellence in US History Award and the H. Miller Crist Award, the latter defined as

the highest recognition accorded by the Faculty to a senior who best embodies or pursues the ideals, aspirations, and goals of the School.

Rather than pursue an International Baccalaureate Diploma, Jonathan chose to load up on Advanced Placement courses at TASIS, earning a 5 on the AP Language and Composition exam and a 4 on the AP European History exam as a junior and performing quite well in five AP courses—Calculus (scored a 5), Microeconomics (5), US History (5), English Literature and Composition (4), and Physics (3)—his senior year, in which he also self-studied for the AP Macroeconomics exam and earned a 4.

Jonathan served as a Dorm Proctor, traveled to Malawi with the Ethical Food Service Learning Group, and was a three-sport athlete, captaining the Varsity Swimming team while also competing for the Varsity Rugby and Golf squads. He discovered a latent passion for theater after waiting until his senior year to secure a requisite art credit.

Abruptly taking part in the musical Kiss Me, Kate during the spring of my senior year was one of the greatest things I did at TASIS,

Had I not needed an art credit to graduate, this sudden passion for theater and music would never have emerged. I now truly appreciate music, dance, and acting. I am incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity.

Theater Director Valerie Bijur Carlson was just one of many teachers who helped guide Jonathan to success.

All my teachers have been fantastic,

One class I will always remember is 10th grade World Literature with Dr. Love. It was the most stressful yet most rewarding class I have taken to date. Dr. Love’s sheer devotion to everything he did captivated his classes. A million good things can be said about him: he is absolutely professional, remarkably charismatic, and thoroughly empathetic.

Jonathan concedes that it wasn’t always easy to manage applications to 10 different schools while also navigating a very rigorous course load. He credits the College Counseling Office for keeping him on track and making sure he met the oftentimes obscure college deadlines.
Jonathan started his days at TASIS earlier than most, and he won’t forget the beautiful solitude of the Montagnola mornings.

This sounds strange, but I will miss the brisk walk I take at 5:45 am, in the dark, as I shiver over the wet cobblestones to get to the gym. I play music from my phone and am alone in a different world for an hour. Then, I leave the basement, shut the doors, and stare at the sky as a tangerine-tinted blue sweeps over San Salvatore. I will miss this the most.

Natural Leader Pursuing Computer Science Degree at Tufts

Ryan Osgood ’14 (United States/France) is pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Tufts University after choosing the private research university over University of California, Berkeley; University of California, Los Angeles; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; and College of William & Mary.

Fluent in English, French, and Italian, Ryan initially was considering schools in the UK, but after conversations with the college counselors he decided to focus his search on the US.

The College Counseling Office offered me advice and guidance on school choices while helping me see the differences between a British and American education,

Ryan graduated with an International Baccalaureate Diploma after seven impressive years at TASIS. He was a Head Dorm Proctor, served in Student Government, and played for the Varsity Basketball and Volleyball teams.

His significant impact on the School was highlighted at the 2014 Commencement Ceremony, where he was honored with two of the four most prestigious Graduation Awards: the H. Miller Crist Award and the Michael Ulku-Steiner Leadership Award.

Ryan credits TASIS for helping mold him into the successful and well-rounded student he is today.

I learned how to interact with different nationalities and groups and be open-minded about differences in opinion,

TASIS taught me the value of a liberal arts education as well as practical skills like time management, and I was inspired by my close connection to the TASIS community as a whole and the backgrounds and stories of everyone there, from the students to the teachers.

While Ryan misses many aspects of TASIS—

especially Academic Travel and Ski Week, the campus and surroundings, and the small size where everyone knew each other

—he has thrived at Tufts. He created the Tufts Daily Newspaper iOS/Android Application, has served as a Web Programming Teacher Assistant, has earned a spot on the Varsity Crew team, was selected to be a Compass Fellowship Mentor, and completed a Startup Internship in Boston over the summer.

icon-world-schools-2Gifted Musician Shining at Berklee

Jan Vincent Huntenburg ’13 (Germany) is closing in on a degree in Composition with a minor in Conducting at Berklee College of Music, long renowned as one of the world’s top music schools.

Jan has excelled in his three collegiate years, posting a GPA that has hovered between 3.7 and 4.0. He recently learned that he will soon take over as president of the Society of Composers, the only collective of undergraduate student composers at Berklee, the largest independent college of contemporary music in the world.

At TASIS, Jan focused on guitar and piano and as a senior earned the School’s top music award: the Bertha Seifert Award for Excellence in Music.

Mr. Morris and Ms. Forrest from the Music Department had a huge influence on me,

I built what I would call a personal relationship with them, and they were so very supportive of my urge to learn and gave me so many opportunities, such as performing a Vivaldi Concerto as a soloist while being backed by a professional orchestra.

Jan knew early on that he wanted to study music in college, but he credits the College Counseling Office for helping him land at Berklee, a school that Director of College Counseling Greg Birk had helped a handful of aspiring musicians gain admission to in the past.

They were a great help in finding schools that would suit me because I had no idea,

They were also a great help with the application process.

In additional to his clear musical talent, Jan was a strong all-around student, earning an International Baccalaureate Bilingual Diploma in English and German and receiving honors distinction for nearly all of his six semesters at TASIS.

I used to be only a mediocre student in my school back home, but at TASIS my attitude toward my studies changed completely,

who also received offers from Northeastern University and Boston University.

TASIS taught me how to really have a professional attitude towards my studies, in terms of managing time. And the amount of work that is expected of you is comparable with what you face in college. One class that had a lasting influence on me was Theory of Knowledge (TOK) because it teaches you how to view things from different perspectives. It is all about perception, and I learned how to successfully and intellectually build an argument.

Jan also played Varsity Soccer and Lacrosse and was selected to serve the community as a Dorm Proctor. It is the sum total of his experiences at TASIS that remains with him today.

I wish I could pinpoint one specific experience, but TASIS is as hugely inspiring as one big experience,

The opportunities I was able to take, the guest speakers that came, the Academic Travel, the Faculty, the students themselves—it was all one big inspiring experience for me. I miss most the beautiful location of TASIS; the motivating, inspiring, and encouraging spirit that TASIS radiates; and the many opportunities to learn and grow that are offered daily.

icon-world-schools-4Comprehensive Search Ends With a Commitment to High Point

Sisters Antonella, Gabriella, and Isabella Piconi ’16 (Belgium/United States)— who have been standouts at TASIS since seventh grade—combined to get into 14 schools: University of Notre Dame, Davidson College, Kenyon College, University of Richmond, Concordia University, Goucher College, Trinity College Dublin, High Point University, Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame, Drew University, Wheelock College, University of Rhode Island, Emmanuel College, and Regis University. Antonella will pursue a degree in the sciences at Notre Dame, Gabriella will study English Literature at Trinity College, and Isabella intends to double major in Education and Psychology and minor in Italian at High Point.

Isabella discussed the process that led her to choose High Point, which was recently named the best regional college in the South by U.S. News & World Report for the fourth consecutive year.

I knew I wanted to become a teacher at the beginning of my junior year, as I have always loved children,

My goal was to apply to the best schools for education that I was able to get into. I believe the reason I was so successful in my college application process was because my College Counselor [Greg Birk] helped me find universities that were realistic. The key was matching up my SAT scores to the SAT range of the colleges I was interested in. It also helped to have a list of must-haves: mine were education, psychology, Italian, study abroad programs to Italy, and service learning.

While at TASIS, Isabella took a combination of AP and IB classes, competed for the Varsity Cross Country and Track and Field teams, was an active member of the theater program, and was a student leader for two Global Service trips to Nepal. Isabella won a Service Award as a junior and the prestigious Jan Opsahl Service Award as a senior, and she describes her time with the Global Service Program as easily her most inspiring high school experience while also noting that she has been

continually inspired and supported by many great people

throughout her years at TASIS.

Isabella singled out Greg Birk, her cross country and track and field coach in addition to her college counselor, whose

prime concern is to see his students and athletes alike perform to their best abilities and put all their effort in everything they do.

She also noted that math teacher and Nepal Service Learning Group leader Danny Schiff’s

passion and devotion for service quickly spreads to all members of our group, as I have observed the past three years,

and that Global Service Program Director Zach Mulert’s

compassion and sincerity comes across in everything he does.


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