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We specialise in media and marketing services for schools around the world. Our goal is to work together with you to create the best video presentation for your school. We’re passionate, professional and our in-house team is formed by film makers, animation designers, video editors and social media experts.

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We are specialised on working with the leading international schools and we can set up a video production anywhere in the world.

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So what’s the process?

This is how a project timeline for a new 2-4 minutes long promotional video usually looks like. Time periods might change depending on the brief and type of project.

1 - 2 weeks
Briefing and pre-production

is the beginning. We’ll collaborate closely on the development of the brief and general scenario. Next we’ll develop a concept based on the brief and we’ll present it to you, and address your feedback after the presentation.

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1 - 5 days

takes our team to your school campus on the scheduled dates. We’ll record all the required footage defined by the scenario. A contact person from your school comes in handy do guide our team so we can complete filming on time.

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2-4 weeks
Post-production and edit

employs our editors, graphic artists, animation designers and sound effect specialists who’ll edit your promotional video. At the end of the post-production, we’ll present you the first draft and we’ll address your feedback.

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1-2 weeks

is the best time to share your final feedback. This is to ensure that the promotional video presents your school perfectly. Once done, we’ll send you the final video in all required formats including the original footage (on demand).

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1-7 days
Our publishing consultancy

will guide you to the big moment! Your video is ready for publishing. Having a great promotional video is a good start. However, the real value lies in the art of publishing, and we’re here to assist you during this important step.

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