Middle School

Middle School

TASIS to Expand Middle School Boarding Program to Include 6th-Grade Students

Beginning in the fall of 2018, students in grade six will have the opportunity to be boarding students at TASIS…

15 Feb 2018

Middle School

Trio of International Astronauts Inspire Students at AIS Vienna

The American International School · Vienna hosted three internationally renowned astronauts this year as a part of the school’s ongoing…

24 Mar 2017

Middle School

How School Drama Programs Help Students ‘Perform’ Better, Inside and Outside the Classroom

It may be true that school plays have been the traditional home of outspoken and outgoing students. But drama classes…

15 Mar 2017

Middle School

TASIS Pioneered The Concept Of Academic Travel

Where Do TASIS Students Go for Fall Academic Travel? Students in grades 8–12 went on more than 20 separate trips…

14 Dec 2016

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