Shining On: Cady Feng’s Brilliant Balancing Act at Keystone

Almost four days have passed and Cady Feng has emerged from her room, at last with a draft of an…

21 May 2020


Studying Mathematics at Brillantmont: How recent lessons have been shaping our students’ knowledge

The mathematics students at Brillantmont have been working extremely hard and producing excellent work. In particular, we are very excited…

31 Jan 2020


The Indomitable Human Spirit: Conservationist Jane Goodall Spreads Hope in Beijing

It was sixty years ago when a sandy blonde-haired woman began an adventure to Africa that would redefine our understanding…

26 Nov 2019


NASA Astronaut Visits Cairo American College

Through the second week of September, Cairo American College had an incredibly interesting guest visit with NASA astronaut and international…

08 Oct 2019

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