Videos November 17, 2017

Singapore Video Project

I study in Singapore because…

Get fantastic promotion and join the best schools in Singapore to create a unique country video project.

What is this project about?

We’re creating a dynamic video to help promote the leading schools from Singapore. We want to feature the leading schools in the video, combining powerful shots of your country with video footage from the individual schools. Our goal is to show families from around the world why Singapore is a unique and attractive destination to attend school.

Why should your school join?

We specialise in media and marketing services for schools around the world. Our past video projects have had a strong impact on the marketing for the participating schools.

  • Get over 100.000 views for your school.
  • Receive more direct traffic thanks to links in the video.
  • Benefit from a global promotion for your school and your country as a top destination for education.
  • Stand out as a leading institution in Singapore.
  • Reach out thanks to a massive social media campaign.
  • Turn a small investment into a high potential and long term return.
Have a look at some of our past video projects

I study in Thailand because…

Produced by World Schools:

  • featuring the top leading schools from Bangkok and Phuket
  • published in various channels on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo
  • more than 70.000 views in just 2 months
  • ranking top in search results when families search for ‘best schools in Thailand’.

Boarding School Life in Switzerland…

Produced by World Schools:

  • featuring the top leading boarding schools from Switzerland
  • published in various channels on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo
  • more than 10.000 views on youtube organically
  • ranking top in search results when families search for ‘boarding schools in Switzerland’.
What are the requirements to participate?

This project is only for World Schools members and spots will be given on a first come first serve basis. For more information about our membership options, please contact us. We’re offering special membership discount for schools participating in this project.

You also must be able to provide a quality video footage from your school. This may be an original footage or edited videos with a minimum resolution of 1920×1080 px.

How will we distribute the video?

We’ll be employing our entire marketing platform maximise reach. We’ll create a worldwide promotional campaign featuring the video on all our social media. We’ll display it on our main landing page as well. Our estimates are around 10.000 views in the first week and more than 100.000 views during the first year. The video will stay on Youtube and other social networks for years to come, making it a lasting investment.

Process and timing
  • schools send us their expression of interest until 10 November 2017,
  • non-member schools must join World Schools until 30 November 2017,
  • you provide your video footage until 30 November 2017,
  • we’ll provide the first draft for schools to review and collect feedback during January 2018,
  • we’ll finalise, publish and promote the video during February / March 2018.
So, how much does it all cost?

A small investment with a high potential return. Depending on if you are a World Schools member or not, different rates apply. Contact us to request a quote.

Sounds interesting?

Send us your expression of interest as soon as possible and we’ll get back to you in return.