Rosseau Lake College



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Rosseau Lake College



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Rosseau Lake College



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Rosseau Lake College



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1967 Bright St, Rosseau, ON P0C 1J0, Canada

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+1 705-732-4351

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    Gr. 7-12

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    Day School|Boarding School

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    CAIS, CIS, Ontario Ministry of education

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    Mr. Robert Carreau

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    CAD 19,200

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    CAD 49,000


Rosseau Lake College is an independent co-ed, day and boarding school offering Grades 7 – 12, located along the natural, picturesque setting of Lake Rosseau in the Muskoka region.

With our engaging, student-centred, personalized approach to learning – a program we call Future Forward – our graduates have a distinct advantage. In a family-like environment, teachers work with each student to develop a personalized curricular approach that will enhance their academic competence.

The new Future Forward Program personalized learning approach is based on the personal learning profiles of each student. This approach allows students to set clearer personal goals, exercise diverse learning strategies, learn collaborative problem solving, experience teamwork in diverse learning spaces, while building 21st century skills and competencies for Post-Secondary studies, work and living in the future.

The economy has changed. The world has changed and so too should education. Rosseau Lake College believes in providing an experiential education with a focus on the environment, 21st Century learning skills, and entrepreneurship using modern technology in a meaningful way. With a core curriculum that reflects the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education, Rosseau Lake College believes strongly in understanding each student’s personal interest and learning preferences in order to foster effective engagement in the learning journey. In doing so students are able to fully develop intellectual breadth and personal skill while giving an advantage in post-secondary programs. By using authentic real-world problems in the learning process, an RLC education is meaningful and relevant, allowing for a higher degree of student engagement and overall success. Each student has different learning preferences. We believe learning strategies should reflect the different learning styles in the process of learning. Our personalized approach to education is unique and meaningfully responds to the criticisms of business and professional leaders as well as post-secondary educators.

Exercising both mind and body are equally important in the overall development of young people. RLC believes a balanced, supportive, and challenging co-curricular program provides opportunity for students to develop self-confidence, self-awareness and life skills that will serve well beyond their years in high school. Involvement in such activities enhances the quality of the student experience while contributing to the overall success of the program. Our Arts program is skills-based and focuses on the thrill of public performance, providing a real sense of the natural relationship between practice and improvement. We feel strongly that these co-curricular activities are unparalleled in their ability to develop competence, confidence, and character, and that these lessons stay with students throughout their lives. The priority of our Athletics program is to teach the value of active living, healthy competition, and the empowering nature of sportsmanship. Athletics are compulsory for all students and run all year, but are segmented into three terms: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Many students opt for varsity sports, but life sports for the less competitive are also available. The Arts program is also compulsory and runs from November to April, and culminates in the Spring Arts Gala.

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    “As you are probably aware, Jennifer really struggled in a couple of her courses in semester #1. So much so in fact, that she was actually having second thoughts about her post-secondary path and abilities. Based on her report card and your personal comments, it appears that the RLC school community — including both the co-curricular programs that encouraged and embraced her ideas (such as the Legion contest) plus the ever supportive academic staff who tirelessly and patiently counselled Jennifer until she could grasp the concepts that eluded her — afforded Jennifer the support she needed through the tough days and the inspiration to persevere. Indeed, I am very proud, but the school deserves a shout out for being an equal partner in her success.”
    Parents of day student in Grade 11.

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