Spark School is a part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

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23rd November marked our entrance in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award community.

What we hope to help achieve with this is an awareness of it towards the young people that struggle to find their passion, place and path in the world. More than awareness we want to be an active part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award community by being involved in educating and growing the young people that enroll in this award.

Helping students in their quest for finding themselves and increasing their skills is our focus since we were just an idea and now more than ever we are present, we can help our students grow through all the courses we have and also help other young people through the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award. 

Growing young people and supporting them develop is essential for their future and the future of the world. This is why we are excited to be a part of this project and hope to make many young people reach their potential.


Школа "Искра

Spark School

Spark School - это гибридная международная средняя школа, созданная при Трансильванском колледже и предлагающая Кембриджский международный учебный план. Мы привлекаем студентов со всего мира к тому, чтобы они открывали и развивали свои увлечения, получали доступ к знаниям, развивали навыки и отношение к жизни, чтобы быть успешными, иметь здоровые отношения и быть инновационными, глобальными гражданами.