21K School

21K School, a technology-driven start-up School, has re-imagined K-12 School education with its transparent, personalized and flexible learning model designed for every student irrespective of the location and income-level. 21K School aims redefining the schooling experience by blurring all physical barriers to create a community of global children driven by a passion to learn.

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Personalized Learning: Here’s What You Need to Know

Personalized learning is a hot topic among educators, and rightly so. It combines the excitement of technology with the proven benefits of one-on-one instruction to create a learning experience catering explicitly to each student’s needs. Personalized learning has the power to transform teaching and virtual learning. The personalized learning market …

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Education 4.0 is Revamping the Idea of Online Learning

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, the use of advanced technology in learning was sluggish. Education 4.0, or the fourth education revolution, began to flourish during the lockdowns of 2020.  It comprises virtual environments, augmented reality, virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence, robotics and online assessments. These tools aim to replace the …

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Проблемы традиционного школьного образования

No doubt, the traditional education system was the only way of education before. However, as the education of the system and surroundings are evolving, traditional education is becoming more and more challenging. There are several issues with traditional education that may lead to many challenges that were not present at …

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