Выдающиеся результаты IB в Сент-Эндрюсе демонстрируют разницу в образовании Nord Anglia

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Students, teachers, parents and school community members at Международная школа Сент-Эндрюс в Бангкоке are celebrating today thanks to students achieving exceptional results in the Дипломная программа Международного бакалавриата for the 2020/21 academic school year.

St Andrews achieved a pass rate of 95 per cent this year. The average score was 6 per cent higher than the IB global average of 89 per cent, widening the gap between the school and other IB schools around the world. This result also showcases the difference that Nord Anglia Education schools bring to students’ academic results.

At Nord Anglia Education — the world’s leading premium international school group — all 73 of its schools support students to achieve more than they may have ever thought possible. Every Nord Anglia school, including St Andrews, believes there is no limit to what students can achieve socially, personally and academically.

“These are again fantastic results for our inclusive Дипломная программа IB. We are proud of all of our students, especially this year, who have risen to the challenge of studying the IB Diploma Programme. Whether they achieved 40 points or more, or even 45, or worked hard throughout Years 12 and 13 to pass the IB Diploma, the Class of 2021 have shown their dedication to ‘be the best they can be’”,  Head of High School Roo Stenning said.

The school and its study body were particularly thrilled after it received word that 19 students from our school achieved [40] points and above.  This is the level of attainment required to gain admission to the world’s elite universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard and Stanford.

“We are immensely proud of our IB students’ outstanding achievements, particularly in a year where the pandemic created significant challenges. Their impressive results are of great credit to their resilience and hard work and pave the way for them to attend the world’s top universities. This year’s results are also testament to the dedication, creativity and inspiration of our talented teachers who have ensured our students excel in their learning”, Andrew Fitzmaurice, Chief Executive Officer, Nord Anglia Education, said.

This year, Nord Anglia students around the world achieved an Диплом IB pass rate of 98 per cent in total. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, commonly referred to as the IBDP, is a two-year education programme for students age 16-19. The programme is a widely accepted and recognised qualification for entry into higher education and universities worldwide. To learn more about the Международный бакалавриат you can visit our website здесь.


Международная школа Сент-Эндрюс в Бангкоке

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