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The Class of 2021 graduated on May 29th from Международная школа Бангкока (ISB). These seniors showed exceptional resilience, overcoming another challenging year. They showed commitment and courage and have received outstanding results.

This group of over 133 students received college and university offers in 10 different countries, from over 230 universities. The four in-house ISB college counselors support students – and their parents – through the time-intensive college application process. Our counselors bring decades of experience across various countries to ISB, as well as strong relationships with college admissions offices and college counseling networks. All of these essential factors play a role in helping students find, and be accepted to, the school that is the best for them and their future aspirations.

Notable College Acceptances for 2021

Each student works exceptionally hard to gain acceptance into the college of their choosing. The establishments mentioned below are noted either because of the high number of ISB students accepted there, their well-known reputation abroad, or to show the broad range of universities that ISB students are accepted into. This wide range reflects the diversity of our student body and gives a glimpse of the world that is opened to students when they complete their ISB education. You can see the full list здесь.

Congratulation to the ISB Class of 2021!


Международная школа Бангкока (ISB)

International School Bangkok (ISB)

Международная школа Бангкока (ISB) была основана в 1951 году и является старейшей международной школой в Таиланде. Мы являемся независимой некоммерческой дневной школой совместного обучения, в которой учатся представители более 60 национальностей, начиная с дошкольного возраста и заканчивая 12 классом. ISB реализует аккредитованный и сложный международный учебный план, основанный на ведущих исследованиях в области образования и передовой мировой практике, включенный в рамки дипломов США и Международного бакалавриата (IB). Наши студенты учатся в колледжах и университетах по всему миру, включая США, Великобританию, Канаду, Европу, Таиланд, Японию, Корею и Австралию.

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