BBIS Music Soiree

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Our first IB DP Music Soirees for this school year took place in September and November. These are high level concerts, which are part of the IB Diploma Programme.

Students learn to practice and prepare finished pieces to perform in front of an audience. At both concerts, the students played and sang a wide range of music from classical to rock, heavy metal and soul in front of the BBIS community. We hope you enjoy the following musical pieces performed during the IB DP Music Soirees.

Link to the videos:


Международная школа BBIS Берлин-Бранденбург

BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School

Международная школа Бранденбург в Берлине BBIS - ведущая всемирная дневная школа и школа-интернат IB, вдохновляющая учеников на обучение и совершенствование на протяжении всей жизни. Мы празднуем разнообразие в заботливом, интернационально настроенном сообществе.