Primary school Art show at BBIS

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We were excited to welcome Primary School families to our first ever Primary School Art Show this month.

It was an opportunity to shine a light on BBIS‘ creative students and their growth as artists over this school year. Many pieces of artwork are examples of how our students used art and being an artist to deepen their understanding of some of their units of inquiry. The scope and diversity of the art represents beautifully the diversity of our learners as well as the scope of our IB PYP curriculum.

Congratulations to all students in Grades 1 to 5 for your creativity, enthusiasm, and willingness to take artistic risks. Thank you for sharing your work with the BBIS community and inspiring us all to create more beauty in the world!

Nathan Shrom, Primary School Teacher of Visual Art

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Escola Internacional BBIS Berlim Brandenburg

BBIS Berlin Brandenburg International School

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