News from Schools January 25, 2019

PREM EY3 Children Measure the Plant Growth in their Mini Farm

The EY3 students at Prem Tinsulanonda see their plants grow in their Mini Farm.

The Mini Farm

The children in Early Years 3 have worked very hard to get their EY3 Mini Farm up and running. Before the holiday, they planted seeds, collected bamboo from the farm to build with, constructed the garden boxes with the help of parents during Community Time, prepared the soil, transferred seedlings, and found ways to water the Mini Farm. They’ve been closely watching the growth of everything and have been eager to measure along the way.

The Mini Farm Measurements

The Early Years 3 have been measuring the different vegetables in small groups and have seen much growth. The cucumbers are especially changing day by day. They have been learning to carefully use rulers and meter sticks to ensure accuracy when measuring. The children have been recording their findings on their individual calendar and have noticed a big jump in numbers since coming back from the holidays.

prem EY3 - mini farm

Early Years at PREM

“EY1 – EY3 provide a caring, engaging, child-centered environment. The safe and inspiring natural setting provokes wonder and joy so as to support each child to explore and make sense of their world.”

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