No health without mental health

Several weeks into remote learning, the challenges brought about by Covid 19 have been overwhelming for many, and may have…

19 May 2020


How we can all benefit from this time of remote learning

Do you see the current demand for home education and remote learning with a ‘glass half full’ or a ‘glass…

04 May 2020


How to take your children on adventures while you are stuck at home

Just because your children are staying safe at home, you can still show them the world, explore places and cultures,…

28 Apr 2020


Managing Wellbeing

The BIS Abu Dhabi counselling team writes about how best to manage your child’s needs during this time. In recent…

23 Apr 2020


Let’s Talk… How To Keep Your Child Safe Online

The BIS Abu Dhabi counselling team share some ideas to help parents keep their child safe online. Whether we like…

26 Mar 2020


Tips to Make the Transition to Singapore Easier for Your Child

Perhaps the next best step for your career is to take on a position in Singapore, or maybe your company…

23 Mar 2020

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