Exceptional IB Diploma Results For Our Class of 2022

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Wij zijn verheugd aan te kondigen dat St. Joseph's Instelling Internationaal IB Diploma Programme graduates have once again performed well above the global average, as confirmed by the examination results released by the IB.

Highlights of the Class of 2022 include:

198 students entered for the Diploma achieved the full award, with an average of 39 points, significantly above the average diploma score for the November 2022 session of 30.91 points.

A remarkable 50.5% of our students achieved 40 points or more, a result achieved by only 19.8% of students worldwide in November 2021 (2022 data not yet available).

Additionally, 33% of our 2022 cohort achieved 42 points or more.

Congratulations to the Class of 2022 who are in the process of finalising applications to universities of their choice.

Mr Darryl David, CEO of SJI International, said: “As always, we are delighted with the results of our IB Diploma students this year. The Class of 2022 has demonstrated all the attributes of a holistic education that lies at the very heart of SJI International. This cohort has shown resilience and adaptability through the pandemic years, qualities that set the foundations for the academic success reflected in these results. Alongside their academic achievements, these students contributed extensively to the wider life of the school, whether it be through music, sport, or service, they have been an inspiration to watch and it is an honour to celebrate the full breadth of their achievements today. Congratulations to our graduating students, families and our talented teachers who all helped our IB Diploma students achieve their very best.”

Mrs Roisin Paul, High School Principal, said: “These are exceptional results from an amazingly talented and hardworking cohort of students. It has been my pleasure to watch them mature into such socially conscientious and responsible young people over the last few years. These results are very much deserved and are the icing on the cake for our students who have had to contend with all the disruption caused by the pandemic. A testament to the commitment of our staff and students who faced adversity with true Lasallian determination and resilience.”

SJII Photo showing best results for IB Diploma Class of 2022

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