The Practice of “Playing Attention” in a Busy World

Have you ever heard the phrase, “where your attention goes your energy flows?” Motivational speakers say this a lot to…

20 Oct 2020


Benefits and Tips for Using Tech in the Classroom

The current generation of children are raised with what seems like an innate ability to effectively use modern technology. All…

31 Aug 2020


Motivating and Engaging Students in Virtual Classrooms

In World Schools such as the International Bilingual School in Chiang Mai, classroom teachers have been challenged to find ways…

18 Aug 2020


Techniques for Students to Reduce Stress and Improve Focus

Stress is common and in today’s climate of COVID-19, social distancing, wearing masks, and major changes to routines, everyone is…

05 Aug 2020


5 ways to balance online learning

Online learning is challenging, not only for students but for their parents and teachers too. With many schools and families…

04 Jun 2020


Supporting Learners at Home: Helpful Tips for Parents

We understand the sudden transition to Virtual School comes with any number of challenges. Ensuring support and resources for your…

27 Apr 2020

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