You know your kids are special. They might drive you crazy sometimes but underneath they are smart, savvy, and caring. You want a school that will find their talents and brings out the best in them. However, the world is changing and it’s changing fast. Preparing your children with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in academics, in their careers, and in their personal lives may seem like an impossibly complex task, but there are some concrete steps you can take to ensure your kids start down the path to success—and are able to stay on that path long after they finish school.

子供たちが学校を卒業するときには、うまくやって幸せになるためのスキルや資格、考え方を身につけてほしいと思います。しかし、私たちは21世紀を迎えました。st 世紀...


で ズーガーベルクのモンタナ研究所は、活気あふれるツークの街を見下ろす穏やかな場所にあり、これらの課題をクリアしています。この学校は、長い歴史を持ち、革新に対する思慮深いアプローチを行っています。これらの資質により、今日の若者が健康で幸せな生活を送り、未来の世界で成功するための教育を行うことができるのです。



The world is getting smaller. A global perspective is an important key to unlock a bright future. Being in command of more than one language is a valuable resource – and knowing another language opens up the brain to a wider range of concepts..

From its opening in 1926, these have been core components to life at Institut Montana. They remain so today. Representing over 43 nationalities among its staff and students, the school is a welcoming multi-cultural community. There is a choice between the nationally based Swiss curriculum leading to the Swiss Matura or an international path via Cambridge International programmes to the International Baccalaureate. The school describes its mission as educating the global citizens of tomorrow and every opportunity to achieve this goal is grasped whole-heartedly, from clever adaptations of the curriculum to special projects that explore the issues that challenge our global society.

It is in language learning that the school truly excels. The Bilingual Elementary school for 6 to 12-year old’s has children fluent in German and English by the time they are ready for secondary education. A Bilingual Secondary School follows a Swiss curriculum in skill development for the modern world at the same time as teaching proficiency in second and even third languages. Both German and bilingual tracks are offered for the Swiss Matura and the school’s international section is a veritable babel of language learning opportunities, with German, French, English, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin. All these programmes are supplemented by a sophisticated and individually devised support system. This is the approach that will help today’s children grow into accomplished adults who can live gracefully in the world of tomorrow.

IMZ - Institut Montana Zugerberg - My Place to Grow, Since 1926 (Extended Version)



学校は、情報に基づいた自立的な思考を生徒に身につけさせる上で、非常に重要な役割を果たしています。Institut Montanaは、これらの方法が新しいものであったときに最先端を行き、探索的学習(例えば、トランジスタラジオを分解して再び組み立てる)を導入し、それが画期的なものであったときに導入しました。21世紀のst 世紀に入ってからの現代的な教育方法は、生徒がリサーチし、ソースを評価し、証拠を使って判断できるようにすることです。Institut Montanaの学生は、IBで文学を学んでいても、Maturaでビジネススタディを学んでいても、毎日このことに直面しています。


One consistent point we can make about the 21st century is that change is a constant so it’s more important than ever to keep learning. Getting good grades is important but if you love to learn then good grades are the by-product.


Institut Montana has always attracted good teachers (that glorious location, those elegant buildings and that friendly atmosphere probably help!), but recent developments have been designed with the importance of learning skills at heart. The Learning Centre, where students have time and quiet space for independent study with teachers on hand to consult for example. It is reflected in the individual attention you see teachers giving to their students (a high teacher: student ratio is a benefit). When you talk to a Montana student, they always mention how well supported they feel in their learning.



多くの教育システムでは、子供たちが生まれながらにして持っている創造性を奪ってしまうことがまま見受けられます。これでは、21世紀を迎えることはできません。st century! But international schooling has, since its beginnings, had the freedom to adapt the curriculum to a context and often does better here.

The uniting philosophy bringing the different academic paths under one roof at Institut Montana highlights creativity. Creativity is more than the Arts, although the school is strong here too, with lively drama and creative writing clubs and an inspiring visual arts department. But creativity is everywhere. An exciting new development seeks to encapsulate this goal. An old building (it is fitting that it’s the iconic Chalet that was the Pavilion for Switzerland at the 1906 Milan World Trade Fair) is being converted into their ‘Incubator’. It will be a hub for new ways of thinking and learning about society, business, politics, economics. It will provide the base where the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, the businessmen and women, the scientists and the philosophers, find their talents and hone their skills.

Mens sana in corpore sano!


最近では、多くの学校が学生の幸福を学校生活の中心に据えていますが、Institut Montanaも例外ではありません。実際、一歩進んで、まさにそのことに焦点を当てた学校全体の部門を設立しました。安全と子どもの保護に関する実践的なことはすべて含まれていますが、感情と精神の健康が敏感かつ効果的にケアされることも保証されています。サポートシステムはアクセスしやすく、親しみやすいものです。また、精神的な回復力を高めるための専門的なセッションも用意されています。これは、あなたのティーンエイジャーが、間違いなく人生で直面する困難に対処するのに役立つものです。



何よりも、21世紀に向けてst century is about our young people having the skills and attributes to engage with the world. Teenagers often believe they know everything, that they are invincible. That is the joy of being young. We, their parents and their teachers, understand where to guide, where to encourage and where to motivate. That is our very important contribution to how the next generation will handle the world.


Institut Montana Zugerberg

Institut Montana Zugerberg

Institut Montana Zugerberg is a fully accredited Swiss international boarding school for 90 years now and since 1987 an official IB World School. The School’s longstanding experience in academic excellence allows us to ideally prepare students as well educated and confident individuals ready for success at world-renowned international universities.