The Learning Journey: How Your Child Continues to Achieve Their Potential




Our teachers are experts in identifying the gaps in a child’s understanding of a topic and personalising their approach to help them reach their targets. We have trained, and continue to develop, all of our teachers so that they are prepared and skilled in identifying where a child needs more support, regardless of environment. Most crucial to this is the quality time between teacher and student – so it is part of our standard programme that all teachers carve out opportunity with individual students to continually assess their progress and needs.

また、教師が教室で行う授業をバーチャルでも成功させられるように、レッスンや教材を工夫しています。これにより、外部のシナリオが突然変更されても、学生はカリキュラムの中断や教科知識のギャップを感じることなく、授業を受けることができます。同様に、学生はNord Anglia専用の学習プラットフォームであるGlobal Campusに無制限にアクセスでき、世界中の仲間とコラボレーションしたり、どこにいても課外活動に参加したりすることができます。


We are continually assessing how we can deliver, adapt and improve our offering for students and parents. We recognise that communication with parents on their child’s development is a key element in helping every student to achieve their very best. Parents evening remains a staple date in the school calendar. To better this and ensure preparedness for the months ahead, we have now also introduced opportunities for parents to meet with teachers virtually. These allow our parents to catch up one-to-one with their child’s teacher at a time which suits their daily schedule.

We continue to evolve our online learning platform. These developments will further improve the smoothness of learning so that recordings of classroom lessons and virtual lessons are both accessible via one single, easy to use platform. This new addition to our teaching programme will ensure continuity of learning and improve clarity for students, particularly if it is necessary for learning environments to be flexible.


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