The Danish Efterskole concept


The efterskole is a unique one-of-a-kind school concept. But what is it? How does this school differ from other schools? And how did this school tradition originate? This type of school is known for its focus on transformative development of young people, its value of enlightenment rather than formal education, and is today becoming increasingly popular internationally. Read more about where and how it was established and how Ranum Efterskole College は、この伝統に基づいています。


デンマーク, officially the Kingdom of Denmark, is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. Denmark, which is the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries. It consists of a peninsula, Jutland, and an archipelago of 443 named islands, with the largest being Zealand, Funen and the North Jutlandic Island. The islands are characterised by flat, arable land and sandy coasts, low elevation and a temperate climate. Denmark lies southwest of Sweden and south of Norway and is bordered to the south by Germany. The Kingdom of Denmark is constitutionally a unitary state comprising of Denmark and the two autonomous territories in the North Atlantic Ocean: the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Denmark has a total area of 42,943 km2 as of 2020 and the total area including Greenland and the Faroe Islands is 2,210,579 km2. Denmark has a population of 5.83 million and is a thriving democratic culture and society shaped by its Nordic traditions and strong welfare system where all citizens have equal rights to social security, health and education. Denmark is often referred to as one of the world’s best places to live due to the high level of equality, trust and freedom – and not to forget one of the happiest countries in the World.


Despite its relatively small size, Denmark has throughout history managed to reinforce its position in the World as a country where great inventions, creativity, art and ‘hygge’ have sprung from. Who do not remember the great fairytales from the mind of Hans Christian Andersen, recognise brands such as LEGO, MÆRSK or Pandora, or maybe even seen the great wings of the Vestas wind mills that are part of the renewable energy that covers over a 1/3 of Denmark’s electricity consumption produced by wind power?

Renewable energy covers over a 1/3 of Denmark’s electricity consumption produced by wind power


Its location in Northern Europe and its many connections to other European countries and the rest of the world, offers many opportunities for further exploration and continuation of studies.

The Danish Efterskole Concept


デンマークのefterskoleは、デンマークの有名な詩人・神父であるN.F.S.Grundtvig(1783-1872)の教育思想に基づいて、1851年にKristen Koldによって設立されました。

The Efterskoles in Denmark has changed quite significantly since the first founded by Kold and they differ from each other in terms of what they can offer young people. Nevertheless, the efterskoles will all share the key values of focussing on both the student’s educational and personal development. The efterskoles are today still based on the idea of combining academic learning with “life-learning” as a preparatory tool for all aspects of life, as well as facilitating an understanding of “the individual in a community”. Solidarity, community and unity are key concepts within the Danish efterskole. It is inherent in the culture of many efterskoles, that they be a reflection of societal diversity and thus shall offer a variety of opportunities for personal, professional and cultural development. 



Ranum Efterskole Collegeは、デンマークで最も大きなEfterskoleの1つで、デンマークの美しいHimmerlandにある20.000 m2のスクールキャンパスに位置しています。



デンマークのEfterskole協会(Efterskoleforening)は、非常に情報量の多い Efterskoleのショートフィルム.


Ranum Efterskole College

Ranum Efterskole College は、デンマークで最大規模のエフタースコレのひとつで、絵のように美しいデンマークのヒムマーランドにある20.000 m2のスクールキャンパスには、4つのレジデンシャルハウス、スポーツ施設、緑地などがあります。この学校では、デンマークの9年生と10年生、20以上の国際的なケンブリッジIGCSE科目、60以上の課外授業、そして世界各地への3回の研修旅行が行われています。当校では、各科目に異なるアカデミック・レベルが設定されており、個人に合わせた学習プロファイルを得ることができます。

Ranum Efterskole College国際部


Ranum Efterskole College believes that interacting with other cultures will ultimately strengthen students’ personal development and give them a stronger sense of being an individual in a global society – For this reason, the school travel 3 times during each school year to destinations around the world and invite teachers and young people from abroad to come to the school. Ranum Efterskole College is very much aware of being a part of an interconnected global society. Due to this, the school believes that tolerance and acceptance are essential in facilitating an intercultural understanding, and that curiosity and open-mindedness are key elements in establishing 21st century competencies.



Ranum Efterskole College is founded on the philosophies of ‘Inclusive Community and Learning’ and ‘Participatory Democracy’. The school believes it to be their prime objective to provide a framework in which students and teachers in unity contribute to the development of school curricula and activities.




Ranum Efterskole Collegeは、強力なネットワークを持ち、世界各国の学校やグローバルな教育機関と協力しています。ケンブリッジ・アセスメント・インターナショナル・エデュケーション、ノルディック・ネットワーク・オブ・インターナショナル・スクール、アメリカン・フィールズ・サービス(AFS)、ECIS、ユネスコ、デューク・オブ・エジンバラ・アワードなどの国際機関がパートナーとして名を連ねています。




香港のWing Yin Yeung氏。

"香港のクラスメートのほとんどは、イギリス、アメリカ、オーストラリアなどの英語圏の国に留学します。しかし、私は英語圏ではない国に留学したいと思っていました。新しい言語を学び、異なる文化を体験するのは楽しいことだと思い、デンマークへの留学を選びました。Ranum Efterskole Collegeを選んだ理由は、国際的なボーディングスクールであることと、学校が教室外でも多くのアクティビティや学習の機会を提供してくれるからです。年間を通して3回の旅行があり、授業で学んだ技術や学問を応用する機会を得て、視野が広がりました。

I met people from all over the world and made life-long friendships at Ranum. I can now have a minor conversation in Danish with my friends and my host family. My favourite Danish words are “hygge” and “fællesskab” (community). I really love the concept of “hygge”. The Danes know how to enjoy being together and life in general. That is what “hygge” is all about.


Ranum Efterskole College is definitely different from other schools, because it provides you with a huge amount of opportunities to learn and explore yourself. You will find new interests. You will have a close relationship with the teachers and friends, because you spend every day with them. You will find a second family and home.



Ranum Efterskole College

Ranum Efterskole College

Ranum Efterskole Collegeは、デンマークの北ユトランドの絵のように美しい西ヒマーランドに位置する、デンマーク人と外国人のための全寮制学校です。毎年、世界28カ国から集まった14歳から17歳までの450人以上の学生が、自分の目標を達成するためにラヌム・エフテスコレ・カレッジで1年から2年の期間を過ごしています。当校では、20以上のケンブリッジIGCSE科目、60以上の課外授業、世界各地への3回の研修旅行など、幅広い科目とアクティビティを提供しています。