Students mental health is important, especially during these difficult times.

リモートラーニングを開始して数週間が経ち、課題が出てきました。 コビド19 は多くの人を圧倒しており、精神面にも影響を与えているかもしれません。不確実性が原因で、私たちは恐怖、悲しみ、フラストレーションなど様々な感情を抱いています。良い日もあれば悪い日もあり、このような感情は消えてなくなることもあります。しかし、心配事や感情がどんどん大きくなり、自分一人で対処することが非常に困難になることもあります。


As parents, you are the experts when it comes to your child, so listen to your instincts when you see subtle signs or changes in your child’s behaviour. For example, your child might start to avoid activities that they usually enjoy or they might have trouble concentrating and sleeping. Your child may also complain about physical symptoms such as, headaches, tummy aches and may present as being tired all the time (similar to the unexplained exhaustion the grown-ups are feeling at this time). If your child is a teen, they might start becoming more defiant, appear less motivated, exhibit aggressive behaviors, or stay in their room for longer periods (even more than usual).


Here are some practical strategies you may wish to use to help you look after your child’s mental health and wellbeing during this time. It’s important to be consistent when using these strategies in order to reduce the risk of mental ill health during this time and even once schools reopen.




Get your children talking about what they are feeling at this time. You can lead the conversation by sharing what you might be worried about as a parent (nothing too extreme as you don’t want your child to worry even more). You can explain that it’s okay to be worried, feel anxious and tired, but there are ways to minimise this by doing something they enjoy or by spending quality time together by watching a movie, playing a board game together, or talking about what you’re most looking forward to once this is all over. https://www.childhood.org.au/app/uploads/2020/04/Things-to-Look-Forward-to-Resource.pdf.

"もしも "に対応できるように

If you are hearing a lot of “what if” thoughts from your child. For instance, “what if one of us get sick? Instead of saying “don’t worry” or “it will be fine”, focus on the facts and remind them that the social distancing rules, wearing masks and frequent hand washing will prevent them from getting sick. If they continue to say “what if”, talk through a ‘what if’ plan with them to reassure them. If you have tried everything and your child is still worried spend some time doing a positive and calming activity together.





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