Global Perspectives: The lessons we learned from attending the World Economic Forum

This January, Surval students were invited to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos. As world leaders and activists were discussing issues such as Ending Modern Slavery, and Our Disposable Society, our students noted recurrent themes and enduring understandings that they can apply to their experience here at Surval. The following are four key takeaways which schools should look to in preparing students for innovation and leadership.

Power of Youth」セッションのパネリストたちは、若者の恐れを知らず、リスクを取って人を動員しようとする粘り強さと意欲は、奨励され、発展させるべき力であると述べました。歴史的に子どもたちを過小評価し、保護してきた世界では、以下のような動きが見られます。 マーチ・フォー・アワー・ライブズ という問いを投げかけています。「勇気と粘り強さ」を次世代に伝えるにはどうしたらよいのでしょうか。

This was perhaps the most persistent theme throughout the conference as panelists and speakers emphasized the need for people to look after each other and our world better as we tackle the issues of the 21st century. At Surval we teach a broad global curriculum, encourage social enterprise, and ensure students have rich and diverse experiences in order to foster this sense of empathy which is so crucial.

Panellists in the Digital Safety for Youth forum stressed the need for young people to be socially responsible in the digital world. They stressed that in addition to being kind, it’s important to be your authentic self as you look to make meaningful connections and build relationships. As social media is pushing companies to be more transparent for communications, the workforce will greatly need people who are practiced in building connectivity in authentic ways.