Perché gli eventi del mondo reale sono così importanti per l'educazione STEAM?

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Il desiderio naturale di un bambino di imparare, sperimentare e mettere in discussione è fondamentalmente importante per la sua educazione e il suo sviluppo, quindi La scuola internazionale britannica di Abu Dhabi do not give their students all of the answers. Instead, they give students some of life’s most interesting questions and challenges, and the tools to tackle them. The school’s aim for their students is that they learn creativity and resilience throughout their education. When they leave school and take their first steps into university and beyond, The British International School Abu Dhabi want them to do so with the confidence of real global citizens. The question is, how do they teach that?

Esplorare le sfide del mondo reale con STEAM

STEAM sta per Scienza, Tecnologia, Ingegneria, Arte e Matematica, ma equivale a più di una serie di materie. Sia in classe che attraverso la piattaforma extra-curricolare Global Campus, l'insegnamento e il pensiero intorno a STEAM è la chiave per i bambini che imparano il loro impatto sul mondo che li circonda e quanto siano eccitanti le possibilità.

From a young age, children begin to explore their surroundings and from there, their perspective grows. STEAM takes this natural curiosity which students have as young learners in Early Years and Primary, through to their teenage years in Secondary School, and builds on it with a contextualised, skills-based approach to teaching. It encourages the natural instincts a child has for learning about where they are, how things work as they do, and why it matters, and asks them to apply that curiosity to solving real-world challenges.

Collaborazione esclusiva con il MIT

Alla base dell'educazione STEAM c'è La scuola internazionale britannica di Abu DhabiL'esclusiva collaborazione con il Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Questa relazione con il MIT porta opportunità agli studenti che vanno ben oltre il loro curriculum e la classe. Uno studente potrebbe partecipare alla nuova serie MIT Abstracts che gli dà accesso a conferenze con i professori del MIT, imparando ciò che stanno ricercando e l'impatto che avrà sulle nostre vite, partecipare a sfide scientifiche in classe o speciali a casa come la nuova serie Home Labs, o anche visitare il campus del MIT. L'obiettivo di tutto l'insegnamento del MIT è che gli studenti capiscano e identifichino un problema reale, e collaborino per trovare una soluzione - mettendo veramente alla prova la loro creatività.

La più recente sfida STEAM

Durante l'evento annuale House Day a La scuola internazionale britannica di Abu DhabiGli studenti hanno completato una sfida STEAM per guadagnare punti per la loro casa. Gli studenti degli anni 10-13 hanno costruito una mano robotica fatta di carta e cannucce. Nonostante la natura impegnativa delle attuali restrizioni COVID-19, sono riusciti a collaborare e produrre progetti che non solo potevano muoversi, ma anche raccogliere e spostare altri oggetti!

The British International School Abu Dhabi students are now taking part in the Global Campus monthly STEAM challenges. Each month, a new challenge is set that requires students to apply their imagination and STEAM knowledge to a new context. February’s STEAM challenge was called ‘Elevator engineer,’ which involved students being set a task to design and build a prototype for a schools elevator. They had to ensure it was well balanced, be able to transport heavy loads up several floors, and needed to be as energy efficient as possible.

The current STEAM challenge for March is called “Trashion designer”, where students are being challenged to use ‘trash’ as a resource, and create a wearable item. This can be an item of clothing, a piece of jewellery a hat or a bag. They can upcycle old clothes, or clean up and repurpose something that is considered rubbish. 

STEAM per giovani menti

From the youngest years through to the oldest students, the role of STEAM is to teach core subjects by contextualising them. STEAM careers has been promoted through Primary, and students have been encouraged to consider all the jobs that have a STEAM element. As part of their learning, Primary students at La scuola internazionale britannica di Abu Dhabi have been introduced to the Global Campus hacking challenge. In a movement to combat Sustainable Goal 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), and also to develop STEAM skills, the students have been busy developing a superhero vehicle, using waste material from home.

Cittadinanza globale nella comunità

La scuola internazionale britannica di Abu Dhabi believe that the full value of STEAM is not just in the classroom, but in getting out into the local community. This can be put into practice in lots of different ways. For example, the school may ask students to identify an issue, like a lack of recycling infrastructure, and find a solution to it. Going further afield, students also have the opportunity to attend citizenship expeditions, such as taking part in sustainable development and construction programmes in Tanzania and attending trips to Masdar city, Abu Dhabi sustainable building development, which is powered by renewable energy. The British International School Abu Dhabi students are also part of the Global social leaders programme, where one of the school’s students were successful in winning the Global Goal competition.

Scopri di più

Sia a casa che all'estero, l'apprendimento STEAM offre esperienze incredibili che insegnano agli studenti cosa significa davvero essere un cittadino globale.

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