Successo nella scalata del Piz Palü da parte di studenti e insegnanti

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Lyceum-Alpinum-Zuoz-LogoIl Piz Palü è una montagna delle Alpi, situata tra la Svizzera e l'Italia. È un grande massiccio glaciale composto da tre cime principali di oltre 3.800 m.In August, a group of students and teachers completed their second attempt to ascend Piz Palü with absolutely amazing weather conditions.

In August, a group of students (Constantin, DIS3 und Georgii, DIS4b) and teachers (Susi Tognina, Patrick Baumann und Martin Stupan) completed their second attempt to ascend Piz Palü with absolutely amazing weather conditions. Our first attempt in June was cancelled because of bad weather.

Discover the experience of Constantin, one of the climbers, student of the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz:

At around 3:15 am we were woken up by our mountain guides, who told us to get dressed and eat breakfast. Without breakfast, I would have definitely not been able to fully wake up, and complete the mountain tour. All of the crew was heading out with headlamps because it was still too dark to see anything. When we arrived at the glacier, we all attached the crampons to our shoes and headed off to take on the incredible task…As soon as the first glimpses of the sun began to rise we walked by glacier crevasses and huge ice structures. We even walked over ice/snow bridges. Nearing the peak, the air began to become thinner and it was much harder to breathe than before. When we finally arrived at the peak my heart stopped, I can’t even put my emotions into words, and just this feeling of having achieved something so incredible is amazing. After watching the wonderful view for a while I realised how tired I was, we all congratulated each other for having achieved this breath-taking experience. I am proud of myself for having achieved this and in the end; it is not every day that you climb a mountain.

Constantin, DIS3

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