Rugby School Thailand wins silver and gold at World Scholars in Yale

Rugby School Thailand
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At the World Scholars Tournament of Champions, RSC’s four students brought home silver and gold medals – impressing with their debating skills against teams from all around the world.

We’re extremely proud of our four students who recently represented Scuola di rugby Thailandia at the World Scholars ‘Tournament of Champions’. Rute, Si Eun, Pam and Prinn were joined by team members from Shrewsbury International School Bangkok on an incredible trip to Yale in the US.

It was no mean feat going up against top teams from around the world in this prestigious debating contest. There were a range of gold and silver medals achieved by all of our students, who gained impressive results in this challenging tournament – and our Senior Team finished 21st overall!

In addition to the tournament, our students were able to take tours of Yale, Harvard and MIT with current undergraduates; an amazing opportunity for these bright and ambitious young Rugby School Thailand students to explore some top US universities.

Following the tournament, our staff and students enjoyed some well-deserved leisure time in New York City, where they visited the 9/11 memorial museum, the Met Museum and watched Hamilton on Broadway. All in all, the trip was an invaluable experience that demonstrated how Rugby School Thailand students really do embody our learner profile – they are resilient, versatile, reflective, globally-minded, thinkers, communicators, and collaborators!

Some Results Highlights

Overall Team Performance

Senior Team – 21st place, Gold Medal (out of 330 teams)

Scholar’s Bowl (team quiz)
Collective Team Result:

Senior Team – Gold Medal
Junior Team – Silver Medal

Debate – Collective Team Result

Senior Team – Gold Medal
Junior Team – Silver Medal

Writing – Collective Team Result

Senior Team – Gold Medal
Junior Team – Silver Medal

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Rugby School Thailand

La Rugby School Thailandia è una scuola internazionale diurna e secondaria, il cui approccio è basato sul modello di scuola privata britannica di fama mondiale, e il cui curriculum è tratto dal meglio del Curriculum Nazionale di Inghilterra e Galles e dal Curriculum delle Scuole Indipendenti del Regno Unito. È la prima e unica scuola a prendere il nome della sua prestigiosa casa madre, la Rugby School (UK), fondata 450 anni fa e da dove ha avuto origine questo sport famoso in tutto il mondo.