Merrickville, Ontario – a safe and welcoming community!

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Scuola preparatoria Merrick is located in the town of Merrickville, Ontario, voted the prettiest town in Canada and known for its historic charm, natural beauty and artisan shops. Students enjoy all that Merrickville has to offer including restaurants and cafes, charming shops, art galleries, an ice cream shop, a candy store and the local spa.
Merrickville also offers plenty of activities in which our students can partake, including many year-round festival, sports fields and facilities, nature trails, fishing and boating, canoeing and kayaking.

Merrickville is in a prime location, only 45 minutes from the Ottawa, the nation’s capital! Our students have access to all of the nation’s capital resources, from all of the country’s national museums and research facilities, to access to two universities, two colleges and the seat of our federal government!

Merrickville being located in a small community is the perfect place to study and only an arms length away from the City of Ottawa. Our families can have the peace of mind that their child is in the safety and comfort of a small community. MPS is fortunate to have a full medical clinic and pharmacy within walking distance to the school, as well as being less than 10 minutes away from our Provincial police department. Merrickville has also been very successful with its fight against Covid-19 with little to no documented cases in the community since it began. Smaller populated areas like Merrickville (less than 2000 people) have had lower Covid-19 cases due to not being around heavy populated areas hence slowing the spread of the virus.

Listen to our Mayor of Merrickville talking about MPS and how the community embrace’s students from all over the world!

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Scuola preparatoria Merrick

Merrick Preparatory School

Dalla sua apertura nel 2012, studenti provenienti da più di 26 paesi hanno chiamato la Merrick Preparatory School casa. Gli studenti internazionali vengono per l'attenzione accademica mirata e le piccole dimensioni delle classi in una delle comunità più sicure del Canada. Gli studenti nazionali vengono per ampliare la loro comprensione e prospettiva internazionale immergendosi in un'educazione veramente internazionale con studenti di tutto il mondo. Sia gli studenti nazionali che quelli internazionali raccolgono i frutti di un'istruzione MPS con amicizie che durano tutta la vita e con l'ingresso in università di livello mondiale.