Learners from St. Joseph’s Institution International achieve top results in Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards

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4 learners from St. Joseph’s Institution International have received prestigious awards from Cambridge Assessment International Education to acknowledge their outstanding performance in the November 2021 Cambridge examination series.

The Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards programme celebrates the success of learners taking Cambridge examinations in over 40 countries around the world. Cambridge places learners at the centre of their international education programmes and qualifications, which are inspired by the best in educational thinking.

The following learners at Istituzione San Giuseppe Internazionale received Top in the World awards:

  • Alena Lin Pei Yu – Cambridge IGCSE in Additional Mathematics
  • Gupta Ayush Mahip – Cambridge IGCSE in Geography
  • Samrath Ghai – Cambridge IGCSE in Additional Mathematics
  • Yoon San Jeremy – Cambridge IGCSE in Additional Mathematics

Mrs Roisin Paul, High School Principal said that the awards recognised the talent, dedication and commitment of both learners and staff.

We are exceptionally proud of all of our students’ achievements but to be ‘top of the world is really something very special. Congratulations to our wonderful students whose hard work, talent and determination have been recognised at a global level.

Mrs Roisin Paul, High School Principal

Top performing learners were announced in our whole school assembly and a message from the Principal. Mr Renato Rainone, Vice Principal (Curriculum), said: ‘St. Joseph’s Institution International is proud to announce that four of our students have placed Singapore on the global academic map yet again after achieving the highest honours for last November’s International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. Ayush (Geography) and Alena, Samrath and Jeremy (Additional Mathematics) have shown exemplary commitment and talent to attain their respective Top of the World awards.’

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