High School Scholarship at Spark School

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Scuola Spark Sports Scholarship continues to be open for 15 more days for those students that did not get the chance to submit their files. 

Scuola Spark is the high school students who prepare for their future need as they are able to attend classes despite having a full sports program. Our hybrid school program allows them to learn from anywhere, at any time, and at their own pace. This is an excellent opportunity for high school students who practice a professional sport and want to be present in their studies. They know someone can offer guidance when they need it, and they do not miss a class.

We have been preparing to start the admission process for the sports scholarships we offer, but as many of you still need time to submit the application form, we decided to give them 15 more days for this. Thus, our Sports Scholarship admission time is open till the 30th of May. Fill out this Scholarship application form and follow all the other steps in the application process described qui

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Scuola Spark

Spark School

Spark School è un liceo internazionale ibrido, lanciato dal Transylvania College, che offre il Cambridge International Curriculum. Coinvolgiamo gli studenti di tutto il mondo per scoprire e coltivare le loro passioni, accedere alla conoscenza, sviluppare le competenze e le attitudini per essere realizzati, avere relazioni sane, ed essere innovativi, cittadini globali.