Spark School Webinar – Can you reconcile sports and education?

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Our second webinar is destined for those high school students who practice a sport as a hobby or a professional sport. We care for the well-being of our students and believe that sports and education can coexist. For this, we exist as a hybrid school where you can follow your dreams and study simultaneously. 

In this webinar, our founder, Ruxandra Mercea, has two special guests – Ana Costinas – one of our students and Patrick Ciorcila, who finished our school Transylvania International School and is now the Founder of Sports Festival here in Cluj, will share with you their experiences and their thoughts on how education can coexist with a life where sports has a part as well. Wednesday the 16th March, at 18 P.M. CEST we will be live at ici.

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Spark School

Spark School est un lycée international hybride, lancé par le Transylvania College, qui propose le programme international de Cambridge. Nous invitons les élèves du monde entier à découvrir et à nourrir leurs passions, à accéder aux connaissances, à développer les compétences et les attitudes nécessaires pour être accomplis, à avoir des relations saines et à être des citoyens du monde innovants.