BISP Examination Success in Early Entry IGCSE Mathematics and French

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Congratulations to our Year 11 students who completed their IGCSE Mathematics and Modern Foreign Language French courses in the October/November 2021 series, and were rewarded with some fantastic results.

  • 100% A*- B
  • 80% A*- A
  • 47% A* 

We believe that students should be entered for examinations when they are ready to achieve their very best. Our accelerated pathway in Mathematics will now see the vast majority of these mathematicians working towards the completion of the IGCSE Additional Mathematics course where they will consolidate and extend their mathematical skills, and use these in the context of more advanced techniques. This course contains a significant amount of IB-level mathematical content, which is helpful in preparing students for the rigour of higher level study within the Programme du diplôme de l'IB.

Mrs Webster, higher level Maths teacher this year, commented:

A fantastic set of results from our students! We hope to inspire each child with a lifelong love of the subject, and it is great to see so many students in our accelerated programme achieving top grades. Now they can further develop their mathematical curiosity by focussing on the next milestone this summer.

Mrs Webster

Our budding French linguists will now follow a bespoke programme to complete the IGCSE First Language French course in May/June 2022. Mr Greene (Head of Modern Languages Faculty) explains how the French programme facilitates success at all levels and stages:

It is our vision that ALL pupils have the highest quality learning experience possible in every language classroom. We strive to use a variety of teaching and learning techniques that maximise achievement for all learners irrespective of their level. We desire that our pupils become both passionate language learners and internationally-minded global citizens.

Mr Greene

We are pleased to see our flexible learning pathways continue to offer opportunities for our students to excel, and enhance their love of learning in each subject. Congratulations again to all of those students who so successfully completed their early entry examinations.

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