Two weeks left to enrol to win a Sports Scholarship at Spark School

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Spark-Schule offers sports scholarships for high school students who practice professional sports.

Practising sports may prove hard if you are in your high school years and want to continue your studies. However, choosing a hybrid learning environment that allows you to study whenever you have time, from wherever in the world, and to top it all, will enable you to choose your topics of study, can help you have both – sports and school. 

Choosing between the two shouldn’t exist as they are equally important for the healthy development of mind, body and soul of children.

Skills we look for

  • Have a desire to learn
  • Passionate about something, anything
  • Have a good English language level
  • Inquisitive
  • Ready for adventure
  • Embrace challenges
  • Growth mindset
  • Willing to develop the WHOLE person
  • Practice a sport that we support

Spark School Scholarship

This scholarship covers between 30% and 100% of tuition for all four years of high school. The Scholarships are awarded to candidates based on excellence demonstrated through a competitive assessment process. You have until the 15th of May to submit your file. 

Unter Spark-Schule, you can follow a school program that will help you develop and become fit for future. Our teachers and tutors are available to support you throughout your journey. 

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Spark School

Die Spark School ist eine hybride internationale High School, die vom Transylvania College ins Leben gerufen wurde und das internationale Cambridge Curriculum anbietet. Wir engagieren Schüler überall auf der Welt, um ihre Leidenschaften zu entdecken und zu fördern, das Wissen zu erlangen, die Fähigkeiten und Einstellungen zu entwickeln, um erfolgreich zu sein, gesunde Beziehungen zu haben und innovative, globale Bürger zu sein.