Online courses started at Spark International Hybrid High School

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It’s October, and we are live already. Apart from our website and blog, we are happy to share the big news about the starting of our courses.

We welcomed our first students on the 4th of October, and since then, we have been busy enrolling, and helping the students go through their classes.


The Cambridge Curriculum that we offer helps students build a strong portfolio and achieve great results. They are the ones that choose their courses according to their passions and vision for the future, and we are here to guide them onwards. At the end of year 11, students can take their Cambridge IGCSE exams, while in years 12 and 13, they can enroll for the Cambridge International AS and A-Level exams.

We focus on developing students as a whole and expand their potential. We allow them to take their own decisions and assume responsibility, explore the world around them, and all of this while connecting with a global community of nearly one million students in over 10,000 schools.

If you are interested, we expect you to drop us a note for more details. See Spark School profile here.

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Spark School

Die Spark School ist eine hybride internationale High School, die vom Transylvania College ins Leben gerufen wurde und das internationale Cambridge Curriculum anbietet. Wir engagieren Schüler überall auf der Welt, um ihre Leidenschaften zu entdecken und zu fördern, das Wissen zu erlangen, die Fähigkeiten und Einstellungen zu entwickeln, um erfolgreich zu sein, gesunde Beziehungen zu haben und innovative, globale Bürger zu sein.