King’s Oak British International Eco School Program

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In order to prepare the school for spring, the KOBIS children have planned ahead and they have decided to plant seeds for vegetable seedlings and lovely decorative plants. The entire project is part of their amazing plan to raise awareness, to recycle and reuse as many resources as possible. Therefore, the containers used for pre-planting are actually the soup bowls from lunch which they have meticulously collected, have washed and reused to prevent plastic pollution. We must mention that during the pandemic, being forced by circumstances to offer sealed food, we had to use plastic products. Fortunately, they will be used and reused in our planting campaigns, as our eco “worries” have so many amazing plans!

We continue to recycle and are proud to share the joy of recycling with the help of Recicleta which not only does not use fuel for travel and transport, but also creates jobs for people with special needs. The KOBIS students in the Eco Committee are of great help to us all in teaching all about the recyclable waste and ensuring that it is collected selectively.

On the same theme, the students from Year 5 learned about “What infuriates the Earth”, why tsunamis, earthquakes, floods occur and why volcanoes erupt. They learned that pollution in all its forms holds much of the “fault.” Therefore, they dedicated science lessons to raise an alarm related to potential polluters and to try find the best possible solution to protect our precious planet. They recycled materials to create volcanoes, created tornadoes in recycled jars, and wrote argumentative speeches to help prevent pollution.

We are so proud of all our students who take learning and citizenship to such excellent levels!

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