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Tips for Parents

How to Maximize Your Child’s Education with After-School Activities

Nurturing Interest Inside and Outside the Classroom We know that kids learn best when they are having fun. That’s why…

23 Feb 2018

Tips for Parents

A Key to Student Success: Effective Parent-Teacher Communication

Parents often ask: how can I help my child be more successful in school? One of the most effective strategies…

09 Jan 2018

Tips for Parents

Preparing today’s young people for the challenges of tomorrow

The challenges for students wanting to enter university nowadays are considerable; not least that for every high achieving student coming…

14 Nov 2017

Tips for Parents

5 Tips To Help Your Child Prepare For A School Trip

Knowing that schools trips have multi-layered benefits that extend from social to scholarly, parents can help children prepare in advance,…

12 Oct 2017

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