The Culture of Singapore: How to Interact with a Diverse Population

Singapore is a melting pot known for its diverse population and its welcoming atmosphere. Expatriate families from around the world…

07 Jun 2019


Get Your Guide to Education in Singapore: Dive Into the OWIS eBook Now

Recognising the fact that most parents are facing difficult decisions while making an international move, One World International School has…

08 May 2019


St. Joseph’s Institution International announces the launch of four Lasallian Scholarships

Lasallian Scholarships will be offered up to four Singaporean students from Lasallian schools in Singapore. This programme will offer each…

07 May 2019


Education & STEM – Creating a Solid Foundation for Future Learning

By Sebastien Barnard, Head of Marketing Communications and Admissions For some time now the acronym STEM, (Science Technology Engineering and…

23 Jul 2018

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