Boarding Schools in Switzerland with IB Programs

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Are you a parent searching for a Boarding School in Switzerland offering IB Programs such as MYP or IB Diploma? Discover best IB Boarding Schools in Switzerland

Why study in Switzerland

Switzerland is the home of some of the world’s finest and most prestigious boarding schools. Swiss boarding schools are renowned for their very high reputation and academic excellence and rank in the top levels internationally. Parents whose children study in Switzerland appreciate the safe learning environment, the high academic standards, the international and cultural diversity, the language focus and the top extracurricular program.

Why choosing a IB Boarding School

IB is one of the most popular programs around the world. With a rigorous, balanced approach, IB programmes aim to prepare students for the social, emotional, and intellectual challenges of a college education. Therefore, IB curricula not only deliver content, but they also focus on developing critical thinking and other skills, in order to make students successful learners and well-rounded people who are prepared for today and the future.

Best IB Boarding Schools in Switzerland

This list includes best IB boarding schools in Switzerland in randomized order, no ranking:
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