Best Bilingual Schools around the world

Why choosing a bilingual school? Children learn more in their first 2,000 days than in any other six-year period ...
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Best International Schools in India

Why study in India? India is a bright and vibrant country with a great mix of different cultures and ...
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Best International Schools in Kenya

Why study in an International School in Kenya? The choice of local and expat families Unfortunately, many public schools ...
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Best International Schools in Japan

Why study in Japan? Japan offers expat families a life in a fascinating country that combines modern and exciting ...
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The Best Girls Only Boarding Schools in the World

Choosing a school for your daughter is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. There ...
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Best Boarding Schools in Canada

Why study in Canada? Canada is a vibrant and flourishing country, offering top quality education and a variety of ...
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Best International Schools in Singapore

Why Study in Singapore? Singapore is an efficient and clean Asian city that retains much of the charm from ...
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Best international schools in Qatar

Why Study in Qatar? Life in Qatar Qatar is a modern state and is among the most rapidly developing ...
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Best International Schools in Austria

Why study in Austria? Austria offers a rich cultural setting in the very heart of Europe, with impressive Baroque ...
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Best International Schools in Eastern Europe

About Eastern European Schools International schools in Central and Eastern European countries, such as Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia or ...
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Best Boarding Schools in Australia

Why Many International Students Choose Australia? Studying in Australia will provide your child with an excellent education, as well ...
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The Best International Schools in South Korea

International Schools are very popular in South Korea. Discover The Best International Schools in South Korea. International Education in ...
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Best International Schools in Hong Kong

Studying in Hong Kong The Business centre of Asia Hong Kong was a British colony, since governance of Hong ...
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Best Boarding Schools in the UK

Why Study in the UK? The UK is well known to have one of the most successful education systems, ...
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Best American International Schools in Egypt

What are the Best American International Schools in Egypt? As the name implies, the American Curriculum is mostly associated ...
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Top Swiss International Schools Abroad

What are the Leading Swiss International Schools outside of Switzerland? The Swiss education system is constantly ranked among the ...
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Best Schools for Travel and Study

Why attend a traveling school? From kindergarten all the way up through graduation, most students around the world receive ...
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Best International Schools in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Why studying in the UAE? With more than 500 international schools teaching over 400.000 students, the UAE can be ...
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Best Boarding Schools in USA

The United States is home to more than 300 boarding schools and over 100 international schools, each as unique ...
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Best International Schools in China

Why do More and More Students Choose to Study in China? Discover in this article how studying in China ...
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Best International Schools in Vietnam

About Vietnam Over recent years, there has been a growth in the number of private schools in Vietnam. This ...
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Best International Day & Boarding Schools in Spain

Why study in Spain? With its blend of cultures, arts, sports and history, Spain offers the opportunity to experience ...
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Best International Day & Boarding Schools in Thailand

Why studying in Thailand? Quality of life Thailand, the ‘Land of Smiles’ is a welcoming, vibrant, safe and stable ...
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Best International Schools in Belgium

Why study in Belgium? With a blend of international cultures, nature, arts and history, Belgium offers a wonderful experience ...
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Best Schools to Study in the Mountains

Benefits of going to school on the Mountain Who doesn’t dream of attending school in a spectacular setting? Life-changing ...
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Best International Day & Boarding Schools in Germany

Why study in Germany? Germany is a Western European country with a landscape of forests, rivers, mountain ranges and ...
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Top Boarding Schools in Switzerland

Why so many international students choose Switzerland? Switzerland is known for mountains & lakes, banks, innovation, watches and chocolate ...
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